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Java Developer

Location: Suunyvale, California
Job # 10891114
Our Direct Client in San Jose, CA is looking for Software Engineer with Java Hadoop experience
- 4 years minimum experience writing production-level code (5+ years preferred)
- Strong understanding of data structures, algorithms and complexity analysis (Big-O, stacks, queues, sorting and searching, trees, graphs, etc)
- Solid understanding of design patterns (Observer, Decorator, Factory, Singleton, Command,  Adapter/Facade, Template Method, Iterator/Composite, State, Proxy, etc)
- Solid knowledge of Linux (cmd line and OS stack)
- Knowledge of JVM internals and performance tuning (Garbage Collection, hotspot analysis, jstack, jconsole, etc.)
- Ability to work with and contribute to Apache Hadoop and related open source communities to build new features and fix issues
Preferred qualifications:
- Experience with Open Source big data technologies such as HDFS, YARN, HBase, Spark, ZooKeeper, Flume, Tez, etc.
- Hands-on experience in distributed systems algorithms (Consensus, Atomic commit, Leader election, Paxos, Non-blocking data structures, parallel algorithms, etc).
- Experience with operating system internals, file systems, disk/storage technologies and storage protocols.
- Diagnose and troubleshoot complex distributed systems problems and develop solutions with a significant impact at massive scale (5,000+ node Hadoop clusters)

If interested please share your resume and best time for quick chat along with phone number to srele@etouch.net
Thanks and Regards
Snehal Rele| Sr Recruiter| Software Engineering
Email: srele@etouch.net | Mobile: 4083680292 | Desk: (510) 795-4800 Ext:196 | Fax: 510.795.480
eTouch Systems Corp | w : www.eTouch.net | a : 6627 Dumbarton Circle Fremont CA 94555
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