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System Log/Audit Reviewer

Location: New York, New York
Job # 10972859
About eTouch Systems Corp: eTouch helps industry leaders in the commercial space in building advanced/next generation enterprise solutions. eTouch's full suite of services includes web applications, enterprise portal development, data warehousing and business intelligence, web security, content management systems and mobile application development. eTouch Systems Corp is an Equal Employment Opportunity Provider.

Our Direct Client is looking for System Log/Audit Reviewer

Reviewer will use a set of internal tools to review logs on an ongoing basis to determine if various automated system classifications are correct, and mark the errors. The data in the logs is fairly technical and detailed and is similar to the data that might be expected in a system audit or request log.
Skills required:
  • Experience analyzing or reviewing system audit or security logs
  • Familiarity with the basics of computer system-to-system communication
  • Familiarity with the concept of JSON or other field/value structured data

If Interested please send resumes to srele@etouch.net 

Thanks and Regards
Snehal Rele| Sr Recruiter| Software Engineering
Email: Click here to Apply | Mobile: 4083680292 | Desk: (510) 795-4800 Ext:113 | Fax: 510.795.480
eTouch Systems Corp |w : www.eTouch.net | a : 6627 Dumbarton Circle Fremont CA 94555
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