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Sr Java Specialist Engineer

Location: Sunnyvale, California
Job # 10991596
About eTouch Systems Corp: eTouch helps industry leaders in the commercial space in building advanced/next generation enterprise solutions. eTouch's full suite of services includes web applications, enterprise portal development, data warehousing and business intelligence, web security, content management systems and mobile application development. eTouch Systems Corp is an Equal Employment Opportunity Provider.

Tech Giant company is looking for Sr Java Specialist in Sunnyvale, CA

Minimum requirements:
- 5+ years minimum experience writing production-level code 
- Strong understanding of data structures, algorithms and complexity analysis (Big-O, stacks, queues, sorting and searching, trees, graphs, etc)
- Solid understanding of design patterns (Observer, Decorator, Factory, Singleton, Command,  Adapter/Facade, Template Method, Iterator/Composite, State, Proxy, etc)
- Solid knowledge of Linux (cmd line and OS stack)
- Knowledge of JVM internals and performance tuning (Garbage Collection, hotspot analysis, jstack, jconsole, etc.)
- Ability to work with and contribute to Apache Hadoop and related open source communities to build new features and fix issues
Preferred qualifications:
- Experience with Open Source big data technologies such as HDFS, YARN, HBase, Spark, ZooKeeper, Flume, Tez, etc.
- Hands-on experience in distributed systems algorithms (Consensus, Atomic commit, Leader election, Paxos, Non-blocking data structures, parallel algorithms, etc).
- Experience with operating system internals, file systems, disk/storage technologies and storage protocols.
- Diagnose and troubleshoot complex distributed systems problems and develop solutions with a significant impact at massive scale (5,000+ node Hadoop clusters).

Please send updated resume to srele@etouch.net

Thanks and Regards
Snehal Rele/ Sr Recruiter / Software Engineering
Email: srele@etouch.net/ Mobile: 408 368 0292/ Desk: 510 795 4800 Ext:113/ Fax 510 795 4803
Etouch Systems Corp/ w: www.etouch.net / a: 6627 Dumbarton Circle, Fremont CA 94555

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