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Principal Engineer

Location: Mountain View, California
Job # 8148858
  • You take pride in designing elegant solutions to complex problems
  • You write beautiful code, complimented with beautiful tests
  • You are an energy multiplier, injecting enthusiasm and bounce in every team interaction
  • You aren’t shy about networking with key contacts outside your own area of expertise
  • You have a strong grasp of industry standards, best practices, architecture and design patterns.
  • You know how to take a stack from zero to production-ready, and understand it’s care and feeding.

Required Skills: 
  • 6+ years of professional or open-source experience writing JavaScript (not just jQuery)
  • 2+ years of professional or open-source experience with a JavaScript frameworks like Dojo, Backbone.js, Knockout or Ember.js. 
  • 2+ years of experience with CSS framework such as LESS, Sass, etc.
  • Solid knowledge in Java, JSF, and JSP to help with legacy code
  • Firm grasp of framework URL based routing principles
  • Familiarity with standard javascript async patterns (closures, callbacks, promises, error handling, etc.)
  • Strong CS fundamentals and an object oriented language
  • Experience coding against RESTful APIs or service oriented middle tiers.
  • Never ending desire to self-educate on the latest list of web technologies like HTML, CSS, javascript frameworks and bleeding edge browser features/idiosyncrasies
  • Strong experience in industry SDLC
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