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Need 6 Java Engineers _ Woodland Hills CA

Location: Woodland Hills, CA
Job # 9108450
Need Java engineers with Oracle PL/SQL. AWS experience a plus. Financial knowledge a plus.

2 – Full-Stack – Front-End (JSP, Node, React) to middle tier (Java, Spring) to backend (PL/SQL, Cassandra) 
2 – Leaning towards the front end, but able to dip into the middle tier – Front-End (JSP, Node, React) to middle tier (Java, Spring) 
2 – Middle/Backend heavy - middle tier (Java, Spring) to backend (PL/SQL, Cassandra)

Looking for good solid engineers that can take direction from the technical leads and implement to a specification. Engineer will be expected to participate in not only coding to solve business problems, but also to create unit tests, participate in code reviews, work with the CI/CD pipeline and GIT code repository which is all part of good engineering practices.
Java development, PL/SQL development, GIT, Maven, Jenkins

510.795.4800 X 159  
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