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Qlikview Report Developer

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
Job # 9576865
Qlikview Developer
Chennai Tamil Nadu
  • Charting
    • Understands types of charts and when to use them
    • Understands pivot tables and cyclic groups as dimensions in charts
  • Data loading
    • Understands how to set up data sources
    • Understands how to load from and save to a QVD
    • Understand QlikView data types
  • QlikView data modeling
    • Understands associations of Qlikview logical tables—similarities and differences between QlikView association and SQL outer joins
    • Understands QlikView dimensional model
    • Understand why and how to avoid synthetic keys
  • QlikView native script for backend ETL
    • When to use “concatenation” and when to use “association”
    • Why and how to attain “Optimized Load”
    • When to use “binary load”
    • How to use variables in script
  • QlikView Expression
    • Aggr (advanced aggregation)
    • Set Analysis
    • Dollar-sign expansion
    • Using variables in expressions
 Optional QlikView skills:
  • Javascript for QlikView extension objects
Thanks & Regards
Samreen Akhter
Technical Recruiter
Work: +1.510.795.4800 x126 Cell: 510-386-5330 |eTouch Systems Corp|Custom Development Solutions | Integration & Support Services | Professional Services
6627 Dumbarton Circle | Fremont, CA 94555 www.etouch.net 
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